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Welcome to the Fire Risk Assessment Service

Could your Business withstand a FIRE?

  • The Safety of your Work Force.
  • Job Interruption & Down Time.
  • Loss of Customers & Business.
  • Laying off part of your Workforce.
  • Increase in the Property Insurance.


The Fire Risk Assessment Service is based in Plymouth and primarily covers
Devon & Cornwall. However, other areas can be covered by arrangement.

Legal Requirements

The latest Fire Safety Legislation, the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, came into force in April 2006. It will be enforced by the Local Authority Fire Service and it will be an offence if you do not comply to this new Fire Safety Legislation. It has replaced all previous Fire Legislation. It requires that all places of work and premises, where the public have access to, have a Fire Risk Assessment in place. A responsible person must have control and ensure that the new Fire Safety Regulations are implemented and complied with in full.

Where does it apply?

The law applies to virtually all premises and covers nearly every type of building, structure and open space.

For example, it applies to:

  • Offices and shops - Factories and Warehouses.

  • Residential care premises including nursing homes, some sheltered housing premises.

  • Places of assembly that include Pubs, Clubs, Restaurants, Cafes, Community Centres, Nightclubs, Places of Worship, shopping Centres, Theatres and Cinemas.

  • Educational premises teaching establishment of all types including pre-school to universities.

  • All premises where the main use is to provide sleeping accommodation - Hotels, Guest Houses, B&Bs, Hostels, Holiday Accommodation and the common parts of flats, maisonettes (staircases and corridors) and HMOs.

  • Healthcare premises, (including private) Hospitals, Doctors Surgeries, Dentists and other similar healthcare premises.

Where it does not apply?

The law does not apply to people's private homes, including flats in a block or house.

What does this mean for you?

You are required to undertake and carry out a full Fire Risk Assessment of your entire workplace, ensuring that you have covered the FIVE main points now required by the new legislation. If you have FIVE or more employees you must record the findings of the Fire Risk Assessment in writing. Also you must ensure that you keep ongoing records of: fires, near misses, training of staff and routine tests and maintenance.


In order to help you comply with the current Fire Safety Legislation, I can provide you with a high quality Fire Risk Assessment that complies with the guidance given by the BSI at a very competitive price.

What do you get for your money?

I will...

  • Carry out your Fire Risk Assessment.
  • Provide a comprehensive report highlighting areas that require action.
  • Assist in developing your Fire Safety Policy and Emergency Plan.
  • Provide guidance notes to help you comply to various parts of the regulations.
  • Provide sample record/test sheets.


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